Pressure Cleaning Path/Driveway

Are your paths and driveway beginning to fade away under mould and dirt? Allow our professionally trained team to assist!

Using professional equipment we assess each job before starting and take the correct measures to get your driveway and paths back up from under that dirt and mould again!

On jobs that require it, we may also use detergent or chlorine unless requested other wise.

Got oil stains? We will apply an appropriate degreaser before scrubbing the stain and then pressure wash. Resulting in those stains fading away along with the dirt surrounding the area.

It’s not just driveways and paths that need a good pressure clean. If you have any other surface you’d like to enquire about feel free to ask and we can discuss whether it is possible.

After a quote? For most jobs we are able to use Google street view and satellite images to give a quote without the need to send someone around. Ensuring were able to get a quote to you as soon as possible, if not right away.

Bigger jobs, jobs we cannot view via satellite or at your request, can be quoted in person by one of our staff.

Feel confident in your choice with Queensland Quality Cleaning and Pest Management.

Not only do we have the experience to professionally clean your home, but we also make sure all of our team has an up to date police check for your peace of mind.

As well as that, we are fully insured incase anything should go wrong. So rest happy knowing your home is safe while your treating it.

Happy with our service? For our loyal customers on most jobs we are able to offer both a 6 month discount and a 12 month discount, if you should choose to use us again in the future!

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