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Roof Soft Washing and Pressure Cleaning

Utilizing both a soft washing system as well as a pressure washing system our Professionally trained team will be able to get your roof looking as good as new again!

Each is inspected before work commences to not only ensure the best possible method for cleaning is applied. But also to ensure there are no areas of caution regarding your roofs condition.

On jobs where it is suitable we may provide a roof cleaning using only low pressure utilizing our soft wash system and its proportioner to get the right ratios of surfactants/bio cleaners and sodium hypochlorite required to eliminate all mould growth whilst also removing dirt gently.

Other roofs will require pressure cleaning or a combination of both methods.

When pressure cleaning we will use a 20 inch whirlway for the bulk surface area before using a gun with a fan nozzle for the trimmings.

As well as our own safety whilst performing a roof clean, your homes safety is just important. Which is why we take extra care and measures in providing you with a quality service -

As well as Roof Pressure Cleaning we also offer -

Solar Panel Cleaning

Using professional equipment we are able to loosen the dirt off of the surface of your panels and effectively bring your home more power! Photovoltaic panels work by generating electricity from the sun. If your panels are not clean, the sun can’t penetrate as thoroughly and less energy will be generated. By keeping them clean, the system is able to operate at maximum efficiency. This enables you to generate more power and ultimately save on your electricity bill!

Gutter Cleaning

Need your gutters cleaned out? leave it up to our team to give them a professional clean. After assessing the job, our Team will then carry out the appropriate method of cleaning for your home! We offer the service of flushing out gutters and down pipes that need doing or at request. Providing you clean flowing gutters and down pipes.

How to Get a Quote

Finding out the price to get your roof cleaned is as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. In most cases, we are able to go online and use the images provided by Google street view to provide you a price. This enables us to provide you a quote promptly. For larger jobs or in cases where satellite images are not clear, we send a representative to your home to provide you a roof cleaning quote.

Types of Roofs we Clean

We specialise in cleaning many different types of Roofs. Primarily Colorbond and Tiled. Each type of roof comes with its own hazards and challenges. We analyse each job before commencing to make sure we not only perform high quality clean, but remain safe while doing so. Rest assured that we are not only professionally trained in the areas needed to provide you a high quality service, but we are also fully insured.

Cleaning your Roof

Through the use of state of the art equipment, we are able to provide you a high quality service. We start with a 20 Inch whirlaway to go over the bulk area of your roof. The whirlaway is specially designed to have a hover effect. It has a 20inch diameter to evenly disperse the water pressure. This allows for a safer clean ensuring your roof is damage free during our services. After the bulk area of the roof is done with the whirlaway we will then go over any areas and trimmings unable to be done with the whirlaway with a gun and fan nozzle.

Safety Equipment

Some roofs may require the use of safety equipment. We are professionally trained to use harness's if required. Some jobs may also call for railings to be installed around the roof line. All of this will be assessed before commencing and brought up during the quoting phase, as this will all affect the cost.

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Loyal customers of ours may be entitled to discounts on further services within a 12 month period. As well as this we offer a pensioner discount for services. We know how important our customers are and thats why we aim to have you keep us coming back. We always provide a friendly, quality and professional service. Quotes are free and usually prompt. Contact us today.

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